Open a New

Jalousie is one of my favorite words.

If I were shrewd, which I’m not, I’d probably invest in Anderson windows just about now, because it seems that everyone I know, literally everyone, is opening a new one. That’s a lotta windows. Better to see the new visions coming their way, I suppose.

Some are replacement windows, if you know what I’m saying — planned for, expected; and some are completely and utterly new — surprise! — thus the jalousie. Funny word, that. Do you know what a jalousie window is? Or, like me, do you think you know but you’re not really sure, and if someone mentioned it in a sentence, like, “We’re putting in jalousie windows.” you’d nod knowingly, as if to say,”Ah yes, jalousie windows. Good idea.”

A jalousie window is made up of horizontal slats, so that you can open them to let in fresh air while keeping the rain out. Now, isn’t that a nice idea…something designed to keep the bad out while letting the good in. Imagine how handy that concept would be if applied to other aspects of life. Self-esteem for instance, phone solicitors, cholesteral, people. Use your inner jalousie to shut out the bad influences while letting the good influences flow in! I’m wandering now. Apparently I’ve opened a few too many windows and we’re getting a little cross-ventilation…

Anyway, like I said, new windows. You hear the phrase a lot but did you ever think about it? Is it like a new window popped into a wall that didn’t have one and for the first time you can open it to see the catalpa tree in the side yard? Or is it a new window, conceptually speaking, that lets you open to the south of France while standing in a kitchen in Philadelphia? Or is it a window in your brain? Ooooh… Like a totally abstracted portal into thoughts, dreams, ideas you’ve been afraid to open up to before? Hmmmmm…………

So again, back to the friends and family and self, all with new windows. Some jalousied, they live in Florida after all; some picture windows, for the artists among us: some casement, double-hung, bay…or even sky-lights for the dreamers. My point, I suppose is this: that whether you’ve planned it or it just kind of came up unexpectedly, a little renovation is good now and then. It’s a new way to look at things, a new way to frame possibilities, a new horizon in the distance.

Sometimes we choose change. Sometime change chooses us. Either way, it happens. And when it does, open the damn window, let the fresh air in, and take a look at the view of a future you never dreamed existed.

Sometimes you just have to jump out the window
and grow wings on the way down.

- Ray Bradbury

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