The Purpose is Joy

Why do we do the things we do?

So, the Muse and I have been playing with this idea about a different way to show art and offer it up to people everywhere. Sounds grand, doesn’t it? It’s not. It’s more like a friendly, all-inclusive thing. And next week, we’re revealing it for the first time! Kindafun! It started like this:

I’m an artist and a writer. I take my serious art very seriously. But I also take beauty, joy and irony very seriously as well. Not in the scowl-y sense, but in the sense that they’re all really, really important. I am, by nature, someone who finds beauty, joy and irony in pretty much everything. So, if I can help spread them around a little and make them easily accessible and offer them up in traditional ways but also in applied ways that are user-friendly and happy-making, how can that not be a good thing?

The Muse has an eye. Actually two and they’re brown, but I mean he has an eye for art and color and balance and detail and form and…the list goes on. He appreciates talent and diversity and enjoys aiding others in seeing what he sees — how complements introduce themselves, how opposites attract and how, sometimes, the unexpected is your best friend. So if he can show you things you haven’t seen before and introduce you to talents you haven’t met, how can that not be a good thing?

Every picture tells a story. We know this to be true. And everyone responds to different storytellers — dramatic, whimsical, impressionist, expressionist. So, why shouldn’t we all have access to different styles and attitudes that speak to us personally, all offered up together like a party of really interesting people, and at that party, you know you’re drawn to the mysterious person in black over there or maybe the colorful, witty person over here in mismatched prints, and you actually respond to art the same way, but maybe you didn’t realize it was that simple because there’s something about art that can be intimidating and kind of capitalizes itself — Art. The Muse and I think art should be approachable and scalable, as well as beautiful or political or ground breaking. And sometimes, it should be on the side of a mug.

No, seriously. A mug.

With those thoughts in mind, we created a collective of different visions from different personalities and made these unique styles available as originals, prints, and various applied products…including mugs. We love a good mug.

The collective is called PictureThis ARTISTS’ COLLECTIVE and gets its first Big Reveal on March 4, from 5–8 PM at THE 2ND FLOOR GALLERY at NELLIE-RAE’S KITCHEN in REVERE, PA. Come say Hi!

And the web site will be up next month. Kindofexciting! We’ll let you know.

In the meantime, FOLLOW US on INSTAGRAM at picturethisartistscollective.


Thanks! We HEART you right back!

TELL US, what YOU would like to find in art you can live with?
And what YOU would like to see besides originals and prints…and mugs?

It’s all about the JOY, you see. Finding it, creating it, sharing it. Bring art home, celebrate the joy! And continue the story!

Art makes us feel…something. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?

Do anything, but let it produce joy.
-Walt Whitman

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