Why AI is the new frontier in healthcare?

As shown on the cover page of the June 2017 issue of Newsweek, the Silicon Valley thinks Artificial Intelligence (AI) will cure our sick health care system . Really? As a CIO and MD scientist, I see hypes as well as hopes. AI is becoming the new frontier in healthcare. And here’s why.

It is no longer the AI in the 1980s.

When I read my first AI text book in the 1980s, I was amazed by the tremendous possibilities. For instance, by knowing the fact that “Toby is a dog” and “dogs have four legs”, the computer is going to infer that Toby has four legs. However, it is very hard to engineer all human knowledge into simple facts and rules. The theoretical beauty of first-order logic from the Prolog programming language could not solve the complexities in the real world.

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