Colorado Senator Says Candidates Who Oppose Fossil Fuels ‘Unfit’ For Office
Natasha Geiling

Lets abolish the EPA, and all regulations which protect us from those would put holes into the earth, extract, make a ton of dough for shareholders and leave the earth permanently scarred, vis a vis the great humanitarians of the Coal mining industry. Remember John L Lewis and his fight for decency and humanity. This choke artist wants, as do all GOPers, to choke the life out of our lanet with more emissions, more fracking, more oil and fails to have any visualization of the foreseeable future which is — go green, go solar, use wasted water in the North of Canada by building a huge infrastructure project to divert that water to our deserts and make green growing a futuristic item. Where is the foresight from this jackass? Where is the foresight from the GOP party? It is non-existent, and remains so.

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