Why the new generation want a different working life ?

We all know someone who is living like no one else does: always working from different places each day and mostly for himself.

It’s the brand new way of life of the new generation. Working for what we want, working for what we deserve, working for us.

It’s finished the time where we work from our 18 to our 60 in the same working place. Now the young generation is keen on working from places other than the office. They are freelancers, start-uppers, self-traders, graduates for example. They all have the same purpose of freedom and never respond to other than themselves.

Don’t you ever wanted a life full of pools, cocktails, meeting new people, beautiful landscapes, sleeping in different hotels, never get bored ? Personally, I would love to leave this way but am I ready ?

2 weeks ago I went to Dublin with a friend, I almost forgot how awesome traveling was. At that moment I asked myself what I was doing with my life and said:

“Life is simple as this adventure: find a place where you don’t want to run away from.”

I found that traveling beside working from different places is maybe not as difficult as it seems to be.

I finished my “Grande Ecole” in France but I’m still looking for my first job or the last internship in financial markets to graduate. I know for sure I’ll start another company, but don’t know yet when. And I’m still thinking if I want to work in an office.

The only thing I know right now about myself: I want to leave a life I don’t need a vacation for.

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