I’m running to be your next Secretary of State so I can move a strong and meaningful Agenda to Defend Democracy.

I’m running to protect what we love about Oregon and to challenge each and every one of us to continue to fight to make it better.

At a time when our democracy is being undermined by the President of the United States and attacked by foreign governments, Oregonians deserve a proven progressive leader who will fight to protect the sanctity of our democracy and work to ensure we have the most modern, efficient, and secure voting system in the world.

  1. I will make the cybersecurity of our voter and election data systems a top priority by creating an Office of Elections Cybersecurity. Cyber threats, foreign and domestic, are our “new normal.” Russia’s documented interference in the 2016 election was just the beginning. While President Trump, his administration and Republicans in the US Senate continue to thwart efforts to mount a robust federal response to these foreign threats, Oregon has to step up and do what it can do to secure our elections. We are already a step ahead of much of the country with our system of paper ballots, but the Secretary of State must do more and continually innovate to keep pace with new threats. That includes regular upgrades, tests, and enhancements to our elections infrastructure. We also must coordinate and enhance cyber attack prevention efforts between the Secretary of State’s office and county election officials. The Secretary of State must also conduct robust post-election audits and protect against online foreign tampering, disinformation efforts and campaign spending.
  2. Oregon was once a leader in Automatic Voter Registration, but now we’re falling behind. I will work to bring in more people who aren’t being served right now by expanding automatic voter registration to Oregonians beyond the DMV. If you’re applying for student aid, the Oregon Health Plan, veterans services, food benefits or child care assistance, you should be automatically registered to vote. We have almost 90% voter registration in Oregon right now. Our goal should be 100%.
  3. We need to join the 21 states plus the District of Columbia that already have same day registration — where you can register and vote your ballot in person up until ballot drop boxes close on Election Day. Oregon is behind on this. We have an outdated voter registration deadline. I’ll make sure we catch up.
  4. We need to make sure election day counts — especially for voters in rural and more remote areas. If you have a postmark on your ballot by election day, it should count. They do it in Washington state. I’ll push to make it work in Oregon, too.
  5. We need to push to include more of our citizens in the voting process. I’ll establish an office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to make sure we’re moving robust efforts to increase language access tools all across the state — so our fellow Oregonians can use their preferred language while they participate in democracy.
  6. My office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will also work to ensure Oregonians with disabilities know about ALL the tools that are available to help them participate fully in our democracy — and that we are providing all the services they need — larger font ballots, screen technologies for impaired vision and more outreach.
  7. Every Oregonian should be able to track their ballot. Right now, in some Oregon counties you can opt in and receive a text message or email alert when your ballot arrives, if there’s a problem with the ballot, and when it’s counted. It’s time to make sure every voter across our state has this service. I’m committed to making that happen.
  8. Multnomah County offers mobile voting assistance, a voter information van that goes to different areas where people need more assistance voting or to access special services to complete their ballots. I’ll work to expand this idea to other parts of Oregon.
  9. Oregon’s district lines must be fair. We must hold lawmakers accountable to keep our redistricting process open, transparent, accountable to voters, and representative of Oregon’s population so people of color and minorities aren’t left out.
  10. We must be doing more to limit corporate influence in our elections. That starts by turning down the volume on big corporations while raising up the voices of thousands of concerned, committed Oregonians by creating contribution limits, like the voluntary limits I’ve imposed in my own campaign.

As your next Secretary of State, this is exactly what you can expect from me. I will fight to make sure every voice is heard and every vote is counted. I will fight to remove barriers for all eligible voters to participate. Protecting our democracy and standing up for our progressive values isn’t easy. But the stakes have never been higher. I know we can rise to the challenge. I hope you’ll join me in this campaign and my fight for my Agenda to Defend Democracy.

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