Mueller to Trump, “Man You Been Set Up!”

In a 2007 episode of the television series, Monk, titled, “Monk and the Rapper.” Snoop Dogg played a character named “Murderuss” that was set up for the murder of his friend “Extra Large” by “Denny Hodges,” who planted a bomb under the limo Extra Large was driving. Monk solved the crime, but when he tried to rap the explanation of what happened. Snoop Dogg had to take his place and musically explain how Denny committed the murder.

Like Snoop Dogg, Donald Trump was set up… twice, by Robert Mueller, prior to submitting his written answers about the Trump campaign conspiring with Russians to win the election. The difference between Trump and Snoop Dogg is that Trump is most likely guilty.

First, Mueller waited for Trump to submit his written answers to the Special Counsel’s questions before revealing that he knew Paul Manafort was lying and leaking information back to Trump lawyers about what he was telling Mueller. Second, he charged Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen with lying to Congress. Specifically about the Trump Tower Moscow deal that was still being negotiated long after Trump was publicly saying he had no deals of any kind in Russia. These two moves exposed Trump as a liar and brought an intense focus on the Collusion that Trump keeps saying never happened.

Because Trump thinks he’s a genius (instead of a pathological liar), he fell for the okey-doke, answering Mueller’s questions based on what he believed to be true; that Manafort had played Mueller for a sucker and Cohen hadn’t exposed that aspect of their conspiracy with Russia. Both Trump and Fox News were babbling in trying to explain away Trump’s lies and why we should determine they don’t matter.

With Mueller’s new charge against Cohen, he signaled that anyone else that lied to Congress is subject to prosecution. Accompanying documentation implicated not only Donald Trump (Individual 1) but also other Trump family members (Donald Jr, Eric, and Ivanka) of having been involved in the Russia negotiations. All of them are believed to have testified before Congress, denying the timeline of the Russia negotiations. Mueller is sending a message to any Trump ally that has lied before Congress to either lawyer up, change their story or both. Man, they been set up!