Three reasons why #Blackkklansman rules-and two reasons why it is irresponsible.
Karen Fleshman

This article exceeded my expectations, I thought I might disagree with your premise or perspective but I agreed wholeheartedly. I will say that any film cannot be expected to ignore commercial realities and it moved the needle in a positive way. In these times, certain factions in America are having trouble accepting any truths, let alone blunt ones.

Fortunately, I don’t get my history from films, although if Texas and other states have their way, true history won’t come from history books either. I have Stallworth’s book on order (hoping it’s not as boring as Boots Riley suggests) which should add even more to my perspective.

I enjoyed the movie despite its flaws, particularly the equivocation between investigations into the Klan and black organizations. It came through that the police were more interested in stopping the symptoms of the Klan (cross burning) than the Klan itself. I’m sure many on the police force were actual members.