I’m deleting Snapchat, and you should too
katie zhu

Being successful at anything has nothing to do with racism…it is about overcoming ALL obstacles that get in the way of success. I’m a 30+ year solopreneur who never completed university. Back then, the main obstacle was “No Degree”. When I realized I was not going to be “hired” into my desired income level, went out on my own. My typical work week was 80 hours and still is... and I’m Retired. Snapchat is successful because, as a platform, their initial demographic was 14–18 year old teenagers…those teens grew-up AND were replaced by more. That platform model is smart dollars…nothing more and the entire internet marketing industry is in awe and trying to capture that same audience…because that audience grows up and spends more. Humans have this innate ability to overcome any obstacle encountered in life. They sacrifice to reach their goal. They work both smarter and harder than any other person in their field to be successful. Most importantly, they do not let the world define them. They are self-defined and self-motivated. They play to their strengths and not their weaknesses. So, if anything, they must be TOTALLY SELF-AWARE! They only whine in private and as their own worst critic, they slap themselves down for whining. Success is not a racist thing, it is the result of very committed and personal challenge. I’m no longer young. I still don’t have my formal degree. I have a ton of road rash because not all my personal odyssey was on paved roads. But I’ve still have the drive and several startups in the works. Katie, my advice would be to NOT focus on the obstacles themselves; focus on how to overcome them…ALL OF THEM. Then give back by teaching others who are where you were before your massive personal growth. Massive efforts have always produced massive results. All the best.

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