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If an anti science team was available to slow going to the moon or to remove lead from gas and was loaded into our government they would have stopped or slowed the going to the moon or removing lead from gas. Now the delay and deceit translates into millions of lives not saved an millions of asthmas and massive environmental damage. And the idea of nullifying the peer review process already done by thousands of scientists is more likely to miss the key science done by creating the false idea there is two sides to the science. Our media helped give denial equal time and now the government we pay for is set to do the same thing all to waste more money, more lives, slow progress, and con fuse the public. Uniquely unqualified already to serve America as they serve corporations they take the next step away from responsible governance. No taxation without representation should be the logical next response from a public knowing science is the best we have and it has been done for decades and now we need urgent help from our government not obstruction.