The moral crisis, ethics and liberalist intolerance ravages Brazil

Willian Faria
Sep 12, 2018 · 2 min read

We are experiencing a crisis of legitimacy of the political model. Without meeting the needs of participation and changes in civil society, Brazil descends the abyss into anarchy. The crisis of party representation that creates myths that claim to be heroes, heroes who do not even know for certain the choices and reasons and live poses, declaring hatred for creeds and social classes. In Brazil to mark party position is to position and lock a target in the back and run the risk of being pursued by the group Bolsonarista composed of a class that feed on the hope of enriching easy with the certainty of impunity camouflaged by the bodies of repression composed by the army, and police who support the fascist policy model of the far right group.
The recent episodes in the country to which the liberal candidate was the victim of an attempt to stab humiliation is made up of his own theory of firing first and then asking, a theory that made the country grow intolerance and hatred of gays, blacks and northeasterners, born to the north in the country.
This very desperate reality that discourages the Brazilian from well believe that there will be times of peace in our country. Not enough Brazil’s inflation and shame on the world stage, trampling agreements with the UN, keeping political prisoners camouflaged with the most shrewd and largest judicial allied to the army to interfere in the Brazilian democratic elections, coupled with the robbery and sale of conscience unbridled by the executive, legislative and Brazilian judiciary shows us what lies ahead. We can not forget the bloody history that has forever struck Germany, so little the signs of modern fascism giving its tone of black days to come. Our politicians are no longer guided by ethics, they only use the feeling stamped in the country as a republic of bananas in the law of what can weep less created by the holders of strong influence and social and demagogic economic power. But who can put order in the house? USA? as they say in the legal jargon “Legislating in Own Cause,” would be inexorable, having seen the great interest in dominating the country’s natural reserves and wealth. Only the return of democracy in the right hands will do so, with only one outlet, patience, resistance, and courage to open the pandora box in the elections that will take place on October 7.

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