LtCol Armando Gonzalez Served As Commanding Officer with Marine Wing Support Squadron 371, Yuma, AZ

LtCol Armando Gonzalez is a military officer with more than twenty-eight years’ experience. He served as a Commanding Officer of Marine Wing Support Squadron 371, Yuma, AZ from 06/14 to 04/2016. His role involved instructing and supervising subordinates in proper work methods, keeping a check on quality control, and handling the application of correct logistics support measures governing transportation, maintenance & equipment support.

As the Commanding Officer with MWSS 371, LtCol Armando Gonzalez also prepared and recommended supplemental policy & program instruction affecting multiple logistical support operations, including areas like camp construction, supply, food service, & transportation. Additionally, he was responsible for directing logistics personnel in the establishment & maintenance of supply and inventory control management functions, using lean principles and material flow system monitoring techniques. He also supervised occupational, security, & safety training in a dangerous work and combat environment.

LtCol Armando Gonzalez has received many awards/commendations in his career. From 07/11 to 07/13, he received the Colombian Marines Service Medal for Support to Colombian Marine Forces. During these two years, he also got the US Defense Meritorious Service Medal as a USMC Rep to Colombia. Some of his other achievements include Admiral Stanley R. Arthur Award (2006) for Logistics Excellence for the Evacuation of U.S. Citizens from Lebanon through Cyprus, and more.