The beginning. All new, but some fuzzy

Well, after return to my old company I start my job with an assessment in .NET System. As I may think, all that I will see was some ADO.NET Code, maybe some WebForms and my assessment will be finish sugesting some ASP.NET MVC and maybe Entity.

My I got instead some very different environment for a .NET Application. Let's start from the beginning :


Old Sencha JS Templates

Well, now Sencha is very similiar the WrapBootStrap template, but when I got the app is very different. Similar to this pic.

As you may think, I got some Windows Application presented in the browse. To be very honest I am a not a specialist in that day (neither in the future), but the main problem was that all the developer team didn't know how to work well with it.

So this was the first thing to change.


Another tool, not very common, at least for me, to use with .NET in big productions environment. I saw a lot of ADO.NET and Entity solutions, but nHibernate just in POCs.

Well, here I got the same problem : The developer team doesn't know how to work with. So if this doesn't bring performance to the team, let's return for some .NET solution for that.

And to close, with some very special tools I found. Framework

Was my first time with Sencha, but I understand the reason because they don't any Front End developers to help them to lead this. So they choose that. nHibernate got me if some surprise, but OK, they were trying ORM. But I really dont understand why, this was really really my first encounter with.

As the Spring site tells :

Spring.NET provides comprehensive infrastructural support for developing enterprise .NET applications.
The design of Spring.NET is based on the Java version of the Spring Framework, which has shown real-world benefits and is used in thousands of enterprise applications world wide.

But the team wasn't a well experienced Java team migrating to .NET. They were some .NET Developers working with a new Architecture.

In my next post I will explain what kind of Web Application I choose for the new team.

Please share some history with situations like that.