Happy release day! Today, I’m excited to bring you WP-CLI v1.1.0, chock full of enhancements and bug fixes. Want to get props in the next release? There are a few projects we’ll be working on: Creating a new WPorg home for wp-cli.org/commands and wp-cli.org/docs/internal-api [meta#2465] Splitting internal commands into distinct packages [#3728] Transforming some ideas into working prototypes. And, in case you missed it: I’m looking for help maintaining WP-CLI (paid opportunity, commitment of 5–10 hours/week). Know someone who might fit? Email daniel@handbuilt.co or ping ‘danielbachhuber’ on the WordPress Slack. Everything in 1.1.0 Command improvements: wp cache *: Explicitly sets default cache group as ‘default’ to replicate WordPress’ behavior [#3714] wp (comment|post|user) list: Magically parses CSV values for any argument with double underscore [#3726, #3744] wp core config: Introduces — force parameter for overwriting existing wp-config.php file [#3706] wp core is-installed: Prevents error notice from wp_guess_url() when core isn’t installed [#3711] wp core language install: Passes $wp_version through to translations_api() so