With the 30MB Free Mobile Internet of SMART, Sun and TNT here the 4 things we can do at the same 4 things I discover for a simple smartphone user:

SEND and RECEIVE – emails these days are extremely fundamental for individual and instead of running to the nearest computer shop to check or send messages either from Gmail, Yahoo, Lotus, Outlook or others we can easy check via our mobile phone especially email applications are now made friendly to mobile devices and consume less of data.

READ and be INFORMED – One of the things I advocate is information closer to the individuals. News such as ABS-CBN News, Rappler, CNN and others created an application and made their sites to adjust to the specific screen. For mobile users information such as news became more conscience and easy to digest. The mobile versions that consumes less data became instant vehicle of information and delivered as simple as possible.

SEARCH and LEARN – With the concept of sites adapting to any screen it is not difficult to pursuit throuh Google, Yahoo, Bing and Wikipedia the information we require. The 30MB per day can be useful for students who needs instant information on their research or assignments without the need to rush on the nearest computer shop.

SHARE and INTERACT – A simple status on Twitter or Facebook really matters to most of us especially those who wanted to share their opinions. Social Media became an instant outlet of ourselves. At the same time it became valuable in times of calamity. We share our current situation in times of typhoon or earthquake and at the same time we interact in order to reach our hands for help.

The free internet that SMART, Sun and TNT offer may be little for others which they discover 30MB little yet for others who finds so much value with their money a 30MB free mobile internet can be an assistance. Let’s look in a micro perspective that people in middle to low income will surely benefit from it and giving them the access to mobile internet anywhere they are because of the fast connection that the three networks offer.

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