Are You Scared of Facing Rehab?

You may have been struggling with addiction for many years and have spent much of that time either denying you had a problem or downplaying the severity of it. Most addicts will do this at some stage during their addiction. It may be because they genuinely do not think they have an addiction or because they do not want to have to give up the chemical or activity to which they are addicted.

However, what once made the addicted individual feel good has no doubt become a huge problem in his or her life. Most people begin taking a specific substance or engaging in a particular activity because they think it makes them feel better about their life. However, after a while this substance or activity will take over and will cause more problems for them. There will come a time when they finally realise that they need to stop taking drugs, drinking alcohol or gambling (or whatever else it is this person is addicted to). They will finally accept that they need help because their addiction is negatively affecting them and the people they love.

If you are one such person and you have agreed to get help for your addiction, then a programme of rehabilitation may be on the cards. You may be excited at the prospect of getting help for your addiction but you may also be feeling apprehensive or worried. You may even be a little bit scared of what is ahead.

Fear is Natural

It is natural to feel scared about something new and you may be worried about being away from home and work or leaving your family behind. You may not like the idea of having to spend time in a rehabilitation facility and feeling as though you cannot leave. However, look at it this way — if you suffered a heart attack, for example, you would be taken to hospital without question. You would be leaving your home, work and family behind in order to get better. You would not think twice about it in this situation, as you would understand that being away was the best chance of saving your life.

Your addiction is a serious illness that needs treatment. In the same way that being in hospital could save your life after a heart attack, a rehabilitation centre could save your life — if you do not get treatment for your addiction, you could die.

Think of the Positives

The worst that could happen in a UK rehabilitation centre is that you could be lonely or that everyone will find out you are an addict. Nevertheless, if you do not go, your addiction will undoubtedly get worse and everyone will find out regardless.

You are unlikely to be lonely in rehab. You may not be with your family all day but you will meet new people and will learn to live without the substance or activity that has been controlling your life for so long. This means that when you do return to your family, you can start a new, fulfilling life together.

Rehab is your chance to get your life back on track and to do something positive. No matter how scared you are feeling right now, by taking a step towards recovery, you will soon lose those fears. As you begin your treatment, you will slowly lose your fears and will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You will see how it is possible to overcome your addiction and to live a life free from chemicals. As you learn more about addiction and how it affects you, you will become more powerful and will know that you can live a long and happy life with those you love. Fear of rehab is natural but it should not be allowed to prevent you from beating your addiction and getting better.


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