How Alcohol Addiction Can Destroy Lives

Alcohol addiction is a major problem in the UK. The global recession has led to a number of people suffering financial hardship and facing growing amounts of debt. This financial strain can be hugely stressful, and, therefore, many individuals are self-medicating with substances such as drugs and alcohol.

What may have started as a glass of wine at the end of a long day could have developed into a bottle of wine every night when the kids are in bed. Some will find that they spend much of their waking hours either drinking or thinking about when they can get their next drink.

Once they have become tolerant to the effects of alcohol, they will require more and more to experience the same feelings; this is when addiction has become a problem. Many people do not even realise they have developed a dependency on alcohol until they try to give it up and start suffering withdrawal symptoms.

Why Do People Drink Alcohol

Alcohol addiction affects individuals of all ages, regardless of gender, background, or race. There are various reasons why people drink alcohol, but it is a socially acceptable vice in most countries. Most drink alcohol in moderation, but there are a number who drink alcohol to excess and develop addictions.

Alcohol addiction occurs when someone loses control over the amount of alcohol he or she drinks. Those affected become dependent on alcohol and cannot function without it. Many drink to blot out the pain of a previous experience or loss. Others drink because it helps them cope with the stresses of everyday life.

How Alcohol Addiction Affects Family Life

As well as having a detrimental effect on the person with the addiction, alcohol addiction also negatively affects their family members. Living with an alcoholic can be extremely stressful, with many family members admitting that they are living in constant fear of how their addicted loved one will behave. They may also be fearful of conflict as alcoholics can often become aggressive and violent.

Children of alcoholics may experience feelings of sadness, loneliness, despair, and exclusion. They may be embarrassed that their mum or dad acts the way they do and will avoid bringing friends home for fear their situation will be discovered. These children are often neglected and have to learn to fend for themselves from a very young age. This can cause numerous problems in later life.

Alcohol addiction can also cause a number of health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease, infertility, pancreatitis and some forms of cancer. Those with severe alcohol addictions can do irreversible damage to their liver and are unable to get a liver transplant because of their addiction.

Home life is often damaged beyond repair too, with many marriage breakdowns resulting from one spouse’s addiction. Those who suffer from an addiction may become self-absorbed and will have little time for others, including their loved ones. They may neglect relationships with their spouse or partner and with their children.

Alcohol addiction can affect a person’s ability to work and, therefore, financial hardship typically follows, leaving the family in an even more precarious position. It is not uncommon for family life to completely break down because of one person’s addiction to alcohol.

Help is Available

It is important that those with an addiction to alcohol get the help they need as soon as possible. Middlegate is here to provide free advice and support to those who need it. We work with addicts and their families to ensure they get access to the treatments that could turn their lives around. If you or a loved one needs help for addiction, contact Middlegate today.

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