six haiku • august first

These poems have no meaning in particular, but if it’s meaning you want, I’m sure you can find one somewhere. Half were inspired by things I saw, half by things I imagined. Two are extended in the form 5-7-5-7-7. Bon appétit.


cloud river above

snaking through the canopy

where does it lead to


dark rapids up high

black veil hides blue skin away

so meek and modest


a gravestone alone

grasslands stretching forever

in each direction

what great man is buried here

happy in obscurity


a time of fortune

fame all around like candy

this will also pass


peel away the glue

swear off notoriety

let surreal be real

rejection of loyalties

to dead lords brings happiness


ultimate stillness

I disturb the empty sea

its watery womb

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