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Sorry, I was annoyed at the moment! But it’s just how your post came across. You were labeling Jill Stein voters as something that maybe some are but not universally. It’s just a rude thing to do. Again, I apologize if I used an unnecessarily harsh tone. But to toss thousands of people under the label “selfish” for their votes is just wrong, the way I see it.

Edit: There ya go. I went in and pacified my language a little. Sorry if I offended. My point still stands, though.

Edit number two: Okay, I should probably respond to your actual response. It’s quite simply this: if you believe the Green Party is terrible and the modern Nazis (exaggeration mine), that’s your belief, and I respect that. What I can’t respect, though, is saying that everyone who votes Green is a horrible, selfish person. What if they just don’t know the truth? What if they don’t agree that Clinton is the best way to push progressive causes? Why on Earth would throwing a huge, mean label over them help? It just doesn’t make sense.

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