Product Hunt 101

I made a video version for those who prefer:

The basics of the website that everyone is talking about these days.

Product Hunt is the site to find the latest and greatest apps, podcasts, books, and other tech related products. There is even a new section focussed just for games.

For a lot of people the first time hearing or coming to the site is when a friend or company they like is featured on the site and they are asked to come check it. Here are the basics of what you need to know.

This is the main page you will come to at Here you will see the hunts that have made the homepage for the day. If you scroll down, you can see previous days hunts. In order to vote you will need to Login, top right, this is done by authenticating with Twitter. To use Product Hunt you need a Twitter account so that would be the first step:)

Here you will see the standard Twitter authorization page to sign in with.

Twitter Authentication

Next you will enter your e-mail address and Company and click Go. That is it, you are now ready to upvote. Please note, that right now commenting on the discussions is limited to invited members. When just getting started you can upvote on the site but will not be able to join the conversation but as everyone connected is on Twitter you can always connect there.

The Product Hunt FAQ can explain in more detail.

Product Hunt Welcome Page

See something you like, go ahead and click the arrow to vote it up. There is only upvoting on Product Hunt. You will see the arrow change to blue when you do that. If you click on the item description it will bring up a page with more details such as links to the product (including websites, app stores) as well as view the conversation and see related items and collections.

Main Page Arrow Turns Blue When Upvoted
Product detail page with discussion, similar products, and collections.

The Green M indicates who is the Maker of the product. You can also see who has upvoted the product.

At the bottom right, you will see a Red H, that indicates the Hunter, the first person who submitted the product to PH. Also, there are social share buttons for Facebook and Twitter. See something you like, go ahead and help them out by sharing their product.

One important rule to keep in mind is that asking for upvotes is prohibited.

Most important, happy hunting and discovering some great new tools.

To learn more about Product Hunt, the best thing to do is just play around and check it out. Not much damage you can do.

If you want to learn more about using Product Hunt for a launch I suggest the Product Hunt Manual by Kiki Schirr, which is available on Amazon

If you want to learn more about the story of Product Hunt and about building products yourself, I recommend Justin Jackson’s Product Hunt Handbook on Gumroad

For some self promotion:) If you want to learn what I love about the Product Hunt Community, check out my article on Medium

Update July 13, 2015: Here is a great article, by Violeta Nedkova, geared towards those preparing to launch a product on Product Hunt.