Among my biggest gripes is the “swipe right for camera” in lock mode (the former swipe camera icon up for camera worked just fine).
Fully agree with you and thanks for addressing this.
Jason Ogle

Cannot disagree more. The “swipe from right for camera” gesture on the lock screen is one of my favorite features in iOS 10. In fact, I believe it drastically simplifies this operation! No, the old way was not fine.

I am launching the camera from the lock screen very often. Before, I had to tap that little camera icon and then drag it up. Which means that I had to look for the icon, coordinate my finger to its small tap target, and then swipe up vertically. What happened extremely often was that I inadvertently opened the control center instead. Both camera and control center had basically the same gesture (swipe up), with only small differences in execution. Other times, I seemed to swipe diagonally, so the system registered a slide to unlock instead. The icon was in the right corner and I am a leftie, so excuse me, stupid iPhone!

Now it’s easy: Swipe up for control center, swipe from right for camera. Two very distinct gestures, and the functions are on completely different axis. Easy to remember, easy to execute.

In my opinion, the old lock screen was hopelessly convoluted and didn’t have a logical mental map. The new lock screen is far from perfect, but I think it’s dramatically better and is the redesign that was so desperately needed. The mental map is easy now: the lock screen is in the center; the widgets to the left; the camera to the right; the Notification Center to the top; and the control center to the bottom. Five areas, navigated by swipes. If you want to leave the lock screen, press the button.

Some things to note:

  • I am using my phone mostly with my left hand; swiping from the right side of the screen upwards was the most stupid gesture in the whole operating system. Swiping upwards but missing the camera icon by a hair executed a different function (control center). And I’m using a smallish iPhone 5s; I couldn’t even imagine getting that gesture consistently right on the even larger iPhones. My thumb is not made from rubber.
  • I don’t get many notifications because I disabled most of them. So my lock screen is usually rather clean and empty. I almost never use the notification junk drawer. And I rarely use widgets.
  • If you are swiping from right because you want to unlock, and then the camera opens, that’s certainly annoying. I think maybe the camera should allow for swiping back to the lock screen. But is the gesture itself bad design, or is it just a memorized operation that can be retrained? By the way, I never even knew you could change the camera modes by swiping in the view finder! I think I’ve always swiped in the mode menu below the view finder.
  • I agree regarding the swiping gestures on the notifications (in both lock screen and notification screen). Maybe 3D Touch would have been the answer, but Apple doesn’t seem very ambitious integrating it in all iOS devices.
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