I Quit Toilet Paper For A Month
John P. Weiss

If you really want to let go of toilet paper, or reduce your use of it, or switch to something more hygienic or comfortable — go buy a washlet. It’s expensive and afaik most people still use small amounts of toilet paper to dry themselves, but it’s the best solution on the market (if price is no consideration). Also: if I were your wife I’d have left you for the underwear thing already. Washing them for a couple of minutes at low temperatures is not at all the same as putting them in a washing machine for two hours. It’s just — ugh! On vacations, I always have enough boxer shorts for every day. Although I take fewer shirts with me and wash them in the sink.

Generally speaking, minimalism is a nice concept to be inspired by. Like a food recipes blog. But all of those “minimalists” on the web … first of all, I don’t see how spending all this time with making your life more “minimalist” could ever be seen as minimalist. All this research, all this planning and optimizing — please. I’d rather use this time to enjoy life. In all its excess.

Secondly, minimalism is elitist. By definition. Minimalism means only having the bare essentials — but you never really know what they are going to be in the future. The reason that many people hoard crap is that maybe they might need it again some day. Or they got something for a good deal, like food with a long shelf life or household items (toilet paper). If you’ve got the space for it, why not? A minimalist is going to say: if I need something, I’m going to buy it when I need it. But when you need it, you might not get it at the best price.

So for example, you might only take the bare essentials with you on a trip. But what happens when one of your disgusting undergarments breaks? What if you need a medicine you didn’t think to carry with you? What if your phone charger breaks, or your only memory card for your camera breaks? Well, as a minimalist, you are probably going to buy something on the spot. If, however, you live on a budget, it might make more sense to pack with some redundancy or backup plans in mind.

So again, minimalism is a great concept to be inspired by. But “minimalists” make me cringe even more than hipsters do.

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