I do have conflicted feelings on what social media and text “speak” has done to our quality of writing. Part of me thinks its pretentious to scoff at emojis and excess or lack of punctuation. Part of me thinks bad “Internet” grammar can bleed into formal writing, which I also hate. Who knows? Haha.
Thanks for giving me some more context!
Allie Long

*It’s pretentious. 😜

Seriously though, I think emoji are a supplement and therefore an asset to written communication. After all, written communication simply can’t replace body language — emoji step in there and transfer additional meaning in an intuitive way. This is primarily true for the classic facial expressions (smileys), while the other emoji symbols are more of a gimmicky nature.

In contrast, a lack of grammar and punctuation removes nuances and makes communication more difficult and ambiguous. When I see formal, written texts from colleagues I also have no doubt that “SMS speak” does bleed into formal writing. Some of them are on the level of fifth-graders, it’s shocking!

Which is why I’m all for thoughtful written communication plus emoji! 🎩👌😌

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