Secret Hitler and the Antifragility of Writing.
Jason Stauffer

Just because a Trump themed add-on was released after launch doesn’t prove the game wasn’t originally about WW2. Everything I’ve seen about the game so far is consistent with the idea this is about the Weimar Republic and the rise of the NSDAP. And from a European perspective, your definition of “liberal” is amusingly American. The verbose writing style of this article is much less amusing, I think it’s a lot weaker than the previous one about the game itself.

I can see your point to some degree, but I really feel you’re searching for reasons to be offended as a Conservative. Design is about reduction, and if you want to highlight the fascists as a faction that is opposed to democracy and freedom, you group everyone else together — everyone in the normal confines of the political spectrum becomes a homogenous group, which in this case was labeled “liberals”. I’d have called them democrats (because they all believe in democracy), but that term is already occupied by a specific party in your country.