The Apple iPad Pro 12.9 is a Glorious Creation Machine
Lance Ulanoff

The new iPad Pro is amazing, but I really feel like iOS is holding back the platform. It’s great that Adobe showcased Photoshop for iPad this year, and that they’ve got Lightroom mobile and Premiere Clip (even though both are feature-limited compared to the full versions). But where is Apple’s pro software on iPad? What do I need all that power for if there’s little pro software to use it? When will Apple finally release Xcode for iPad? Back in the mid 80ies, you couldn’t develop software directly on a Mac either but had to use its “parent” platform, the Lisa. But it only took a couple of years for the Mac to get its own development environment. Xcode for iPad is long overdue.

Shuffling files around apps is still ridiculous, and that multi-window feature is still extremely cumbersome to use in my opinion. Why does the Folio case have two angles when Microsoft’s solution is a kickstand that can be freely angled however you want? I’ve been an iPad user literally since day one, and it’s really frustrating to see the hardware get amazingly better every year, while the software mostly stagnates.

When I saw the new products last week, it was kind of a sad sight: the new iPad Pro’s got the hot body, the MacBook Air’s got the brains.