Does This Punctuation Mark Make Me Sound Like a Bitch?
Allie Long

This is actually a cultural debate dating back at least into the 90ies — see this fitting Seinfeld sketch about it:

Maybe it’s a regional thing, because where I’m from (Europe) I don’t see this gender difference. Most people who write casually barely use any punctuation at all, and the period at the end of a sentence is often considered rude — omitting it is definitely seen as more friendly and casual. If exclamation points are used, they are often used in dozens.

In more formal writing, well … people just write shitty. I believe many people aren’t used to writing well anymore, so they always use the period. I agree with you: that’s monotonous! And I agree with Elaine from Seinfeld: an exclamation point has a meaning, it’s supposed to emphasize important information, or emotional responses such as surprise. Ignoring it actually means restricting your means of written communication! At the same time, using it excessively makes you sound hysteric all the time, which is just as bad.

I’ve got some friends and acquaintances who use emoji and stickers, but none as excessively as I do (in fact, one of my primary factors for evaluating instant messengers is their support for image responses — which is why Facebook Messenger is king for me!). Most don’t use them regularly, and I even know a couple of people who actually think they are stupid. Those include both men and women. Well, if they wanna miss out, fine! 🎺🥁🎷🎻🎶

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