Even though things have gone badly around the world for 8 years with foreign affairs and the economy has grown the slowest in 100 years
Okay. I have no idea how much Dr Curry received for her hurricane predictions but I imagine it is…
John the TIB

This is wrong: GDP was highest under Clinton, crashed under W. Bush, and then stabilized under Obama.

and the middle class has lost 40% of its wealth in those 8 years

This is wrong: the middle class has been decreasing for the past 40 years; but at the same time, its income has increased by 34% since 1970. Obviously there was a lot of fluctuation in the past 10 years. But the recession of 2008 is hardly Obama’s fault, who had then just taken office.

terrorism has climbed dramatically

Worldwide, yes. State-side, no: the frequency of terrorist attacks has actually decreased, while the police have gotten much better at stopping terrorist attacks.

and education has slipped

The reason being a lack of equality: wealthier students get better education. That’s a problem that’s been increasing since the 1960ies — so it’s absolutely not a new problem — and Obama’s policy was not enough to change course. Claiming this is a Democrat problem is silly. In fact, Republicans’ desire to privatize education, and to decrease the quality of the curricula by confusing creationism for science, is a central part of the problem. If you look at Europe, Sanders clearly got it right.

and even for the first time in decades the male and female longevity

Researchers are puzzled, though one of the reasons is probably obesity. Well thanks, Obama! /s

It’s sad that you offer little more than hyperbole, and portray yourself as a snowflake by playing the victim card. If you honestly believe you are intimidated, locked up, punched and shot at, then maybe you should let your doctor check your medication.

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