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The Horizontal Scroll Interface
Fabian Frey

Those are examples where research has to be done? Only if you ignore all of the research that has already been done! The hamburger menu in particular is something that has been researched extensively by now — which is why it puzzles me that your design concept relies so much on it. The hamburger menu has a crappy UX, because it obfuscates relevant information behind a nondescript icon. The NNG has done a lot of research on this and found that the discoverability of menu items suffers greatly. People simply ignore the button in many cases. So the hamburger menu should be among the last options to consider.

Also, not trying to rain on your parade, but your concept sketch looks an awful lot like those print-like iPad magazines that failed miserably like five years ago. It seems to me horizontal navigation only really works with fixed pages rather than fluid content. Everything has to fit onto the screen, because horizontal scrolling just doesn’t work for text*. Text scrolling is the main reason why everything is vertically oriented. This was a great exercise for you I’m sure, but I just don’t see this working out.

*I’m guessing you could have great success with horizontal scrolling in countries like Japan(?) where text goes from top to bottom rather than left to right.

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