Bots and Gender
Veronica Belmont

What gender stereotypes? Are you insinuating that Siri is a secretary because she is female? I don’t know about your Siri, but my Siri is very intelligent and independent; she only does what I ask her to when she feels like it (though I *always* say please!).

I don’t see the need for a neutral pronoun. If someone is not sure if they feel more male or female, that’s fine. But why should a bot be the same way? In nature, there are only two genders. Science gives humans the ability to change gender after the fact and that is great. Give users the option to change an AI’s gender as well, and that’s great, too. I don’t want to talk to “it”, “it” is my dumb old PC, I want to talk to a human be….to an anthromorphic AI. (As long as it’s female, but that’s just me.)

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