² Aside: you know what’s great? Just saying “Alexa, play some jazz” and it working immediately. No clicks, no dicking around.
A Time to Kill iTunes
M.G. Siegler

When I got my first Echo, this was mind blowing to me. Until I tried to add a currently playing song to my library, which only works a third of the time, and the other times Alexa babbles on annoyingly. Then I realized that the list of possible playlists is very limited. Making your own playlists? Lol good luck.

Alexa is a great substitute for a radio, but it in no way can substitute my music curation on my iPad. Alexa works far better than Siri, but both are very limited in functionality and only listen to specific commands. And those commands are completely hidden from the user! They are fine additional ways to listen to music, but at the end of the day I want a visual representation and curation of my music. iTunes was a great way to do this … until version 8 or 9 or so. Now it’s just like the last generations of the iPod Nano: Apple has no vision for it anymore and each subsequent iteration is just a different kind of mess.

iTunes is one of the prime indicators that make me feel old: I remember a time when it was actually good.

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