This Panda is Dancing
Fabricio Teixeira

Yes! Another cringy video about how out of control and mindless we supposedly are because of our phones! Because there aren’t enough yet!

We are so weak that we just can’t escape the “playing next” queue in Netflix (oh how much easier life was before Netflix when we … erm, watched TV?!). We just can’t help but add strangers to our Facebook contacts, and we can’t help but watch panda videos for hours. We’re so naïve trying to find someone online; if we just looked up, we’d immediately find our soulmates! Silly us! And of course, what the world really needs is a “romantic help request” app, because that would totally work in the real world.

This guy’s slogan on his website is “Telling stories that matter.” I guess that’s debatable. I’d say this video is a perfect portfolio piece to get traction in the advertising business: it’s really well produced, very well suited for an ad, and contains about as much BS as a typical ad. It caricatures smartphone users to the extreme and then uses this caricature to “criticize” society and designers. Shallow.

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