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Louis Weeks

You keep talking about these mysterious lazy people, yet you are the one who hasn’t provided a single source for their claims. You are the one weakly arguing that Trump employs lots of women and Obama pays women less. Where I’m from we have a saying that roughly translates to “at night it’s colder than outside”, meaning those two parts of your equation don’t fit together. If Trump employs lots of women (again: there’s no proof), well, so does Obama. If Obama pays women less, well, nobody knows how much Trump is paying. And let me repeat: if you look at White House staff making $150.000+ a year, then I don’t see any wage discrepancy between men and women at all. That’s what I call top officials, anyway.

And the criticism of Trump’s projected White House team still stands in spite of any of this. You argue about the women in Trump’s companies, yet it’s his White House staff that’s apparently overwhelmingly male. If Trump has lots of female employees and if he treats them equally, that’s great — but it is in contrast to what he has portrayed in his campaign, and it is in contrast to the list of people he apparently wants in the White House.

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