Even when it probably isn’t.
Chocolate Won’t Cure Your Heart Disease
Gid M-K; Health Nerd

Your source actually doesn’t say at all that chocolate probably isn’t healthy. It says there are good things in chocolate, but their effect might not be significant, and at the same time many chocolate bars have lots of sugar, so the jury is still out. It’s obvious that a chocolate bar that contains 30% cocoa and almost 70% sugar isn’t going to be healthy — what’s interesting is the health implications of dark, meaning 100% or near-100% cocoa. So far I’ve only seen promising studies and analyses regarding this type of chocolate, and the “fat is bad for you” narrative is a myth from the 1960ies (just ask Garry Taubes).

I agree with the criticism of sensationalist journalism, but I don’t see a need for throwing a potentially healthy food under the bus.

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