Just a thought.

Tech in Asia is probably one of the most diverse startups in Asia made up by over 10+ nationalities across 13 different locations.

While we come from all walks of life, there’s a common thing we share: We joined Tech in Asia as a nobody. No one joined this company as a rockstar.

Unknown and unproven, we join forces to build Tech in Asia as a team, as a family. In fact, when I first started this naive but ambitious company, I was a nobody too. The Tech in Asia network is built coffee-by-coffee simply because I was ignorant, curious, and passionate about the Asian tech ecosystem. Fast forward to today, we have over 70 crazy ones helping to build Tech in Asia into a world-class startup.

I was especially touched when Paul, Minghao, and Andrew told me that they were very grateful to have a chance to join Tech in Asia when they were nobody. On my end, I felt the same. I’m very humble that all of you had the courage to join an unproven founder and company. I thank you all for your courage and trust.

As Tech in Asia continues to grow in strength, we must remember our roots. We are still nobody and must remain humble and hard working to serve our mission while keeping our culture strong.

Be humble and build something people want. Go, team.