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Presenting Honesto, our internal feedback collection tool.

For both the individual and the organization as a whole, frequent and high-quality feedback is essential to achieve high performance. Feedback provides information that can be used to make better informed decisions, understand strengths and weaknesses, gain self-awareness and prioritize and improve areas of performance.

Feedback isn’t just about what people did poorly, it can be about helping someone go from good to great or to give positive reinforcement to let someone know what they’re doing well so that they continue those behaviors.

Our guiding principles

To support giving feedback we’ve established these rules:

  1. You can give feedback to anyone.

This includes someone on another team, someone else’s boss, even the CEO. Don’t think: “Well I’m not really part of that team.” or “That is someone else’s boss.” Openly share feedback that could help others grow and ultimately improve the company. …

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Team Retreat 2018 — Italy

Our clients hire us so that they can work with the best in the industry — it’s a moving and evolving standard that requires continuous growth from everyone. Each team member must be learning & growing, setting ever high standards for themselves and outperforming previous versions of themselves.

We have a culture of enabling and supporting Growth and Learning. We embrace being uncomfortable — doing things outside of the boundaries of familiarity to evolve and gain new skills. …

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Team Retreat 2018 — Italy

When we talk about Happiness at Citrusbyte we talk in the context of the people, tools, systems, and approaches that either work for (make someone happy) or don’t work for(make someone unhappy) each person. These aspects are unique to each person and there isn’t one definition of what makes people happy or unhappy.

Citrusbyte is not responsible for your ultimate emotional state but we do want you to be happy with Citrusbyte. This is also measurable— each month we collect feedback on the happiness of each person and publish the results to the entire team. …


Will Jessup

Founder & Head of Services at Theorem LLC.

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