One man’s ongoing attempt to get fibre broadband from BT (aka an object lesson in horrific customer…
Jonathan Waddingham

You’ll be pleased to hear today was the day for fibre broadband switch-over and…it’s all gone swimmingly — maybe because I was leaving BT?!

BT supplied a business line to our house via the wife’s work. She’s now moving jobs so I called them to take out a new contract under my business name. They told me I couldn’t as the cabinet was full and I’d have to go to the back of the line (one out one in — just basic broadband for me then so I thought!).

The sales guy was apologetic and said my only option was to change the name on the existing account and pay what they were paying (double the new business offer!).

I asked if changing providers would increase my fibre chances (i.e. is space in the cabinet reserved for non-BT providers) and was told definitively ‘no’.

Being a cheap-skate, I decided not to pay double and take my chances with PlusNet and hey — turns out BT were talking rubbish and this morning my new fibre was connected as promised with about only 2 hours of downtime.

BT have a great product but much like a mobile provider I won’t mention, are such a fragmented business built on the foundations of so many other business and subsidaries) that getting one part to work with another often proves almost impossible. A check in the box for privatisation perhaps.

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