Daily Dividend Crypto Casino

William O’Neil
Dec 10, 2018 · 2 min read

Tronbet is a Daily Dividend Crypto Casino that allows players to earn a permanent share of the casino simply by playing! This is a revolutionary new usage of blockchain technology because it allows for a more equal wealth distribution of gaming. Casinos in Vegas won’t be able to compete with Tronbet because the fact that players can become the house. This is a beautiful usage of the TRX network because it allows for long term investors to earn stakes in the profits of a casino, and they always profit. This is a low overhead, low risk site, and that is going to be up for a long time to come. Whether you’re a crypto holder looking to press your luck and enjoy the games the site has to offer, or an investor who taking advantage of the long term profits, Tronbet is for you.

The site works by users creating a wallet through an extension called T ronlink. This extension will allow users to have their wallets securely on their browsers, which will let it work with Tronbet. When a user loads up their wallets and beings playing, when they press “dividends” a dashboard will pop up displaying values here.

The ANTE will automatically be displayed in the “available section”. Users can press Withdraw. This will put it into their Tronlink Wallet. To see ANTE in your wallet display paste this address into the bar located on the “tokens” sections of Tronlin: TBHN6guS6ztVVXbFivajdG3PxFUZ5UXGxY

To receive Daily TRX Dividends deposited into your wallet you must freeze ANTE from your wallet. When you have it frozen you will receive daily dividends at 11pm EST. If you decide to sell it on a future Exchange listing, you will need to unfreeze it. Your ANTE that you unfreeze will be locked for 24 hours, and you won’t receive the next dividends.

The development team has a white paper road map that extends into the entirety of 2019. They have plans to add new community decided games for every quarter of 2019. This is wonderful news for investors and players alike because it only leads to one thing: increased dividend pools. Everyone will enjoy playing on Tronbet, and it is revolutionizing the Casino Business Model to benefit the player base.

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