Actual Advice for Young Journalists

Will Butler
Feb 10, 2015 · 18 min read

Try to get into a good college.

Figure out what makes you “special” and confront it.

Get to know the journo cliques, but don’t get too attached.

Don’t mistake personal connections for luck.

Here’s my big hook-up:

That said, you can do it without connections.

Here’s how I got some of my favorite assignments, from people I’d never met:

VICE/Noisey: cold-emailed Drew Millard whose email I got from Twitter

Listen to the f***ing editor.

Figure out your side-hustle.

Know the news.

This is one of the only useful pieces of advice in Salmon’s article:

Will Butler

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Freelance writer (recently @NYTMag, @Playboy, @TheAtlantic, etc.)

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