I needed sales.

Seeing as this is my first blog post, I thought it may make sense to set the scene for future installments, rather than accompany bits and pieces sporadically throughout.

So let’s simply talk about how I got here.

To start, I was born in a small town in Alabama, roughly 30 miles from Auburn (hence my absolute love-affair for the greatest university on the planet). Growing-up with a half sister 13 years of age older, I would characterize my childhood experience somewhere between that of a youngest sibling and an only-child — placing me in the subtle tension between “living-up” to her accomplishments while also haphazardly making the mistakes that I failed to actual see her make.

By age seven, we had moved to the suburbs of Atlanta (seemingly anywhere within an hour from the actual city) and sports became my immediate outlet.

Looking back, those next 12 years could be loosely (or not so loosely) described as baseball with a side of adolescents. My fondest memories include piling in the back of my parents’ 2002 black Chevy Tahoe for out of state tournaments, to preparing for yet another rivalry game in front of our high school classmates, to the unmistakable smell of a fresh cut field. Some things can simply never be replaced.

On the heels of high school graduation, however, things took a turn and the reality of life set in. While baseball wasn’t completely over (yet), I was now tasked with figuring out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life — fortunately for me, at 19, I had it all figured out…

After declaring three separate majors and four separate minors, I finally landed on History Education (with no minor) and in May of 2015, I graduated.

Upon the completion of my student-teaching experience, however, I knew that education was reserved for someone other than myself. I needed to find something else. I needed somewhere to be challenged — not only competitively but also intellectually. I needed to be a “student of the game” again.

I needed sales.

(and I have spent the last two years figuring out why)

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