I’m The Type of Person That…

Challenge 1 of 52 — This month we pursue Intention

The Rewire: Life on Purpose challenge was launched this year. It’s a 52-week journey covering the most critical life topics, one month at a time. The challenge is about taking action. I’ve done the research and created the challenges, and I’m in for the full year. Join me!

The first five weeks we are exploring intention. I believe this is the most important part of the challenge because it lays all the groundwork. Stay with me for the first five weeks. You’re sure to discover something new about yourself no matter where you are in your journey.

I’m The Type of Person That…Is Intentional

Everything starts with intention.

With intention, we decide who we are, how to act, what to believe; and we can work to create the life we want. The life we were meant to live.


Take out your notebook or a piece of paper. Something to write with. For the first challenge, we are defining who we are. Think about the areas of your life where there is challenge or struggle. It might have to do with health, finances, relationships, stress, or time management. Also, note the areas that feel natural or easy to you.

Now, write down at least five statements that begin with, “I’m the type of person that…” If possible, keep going until you’ve written 10 statements.


“I’m the type of person that always supports my wife”

“I’m the type of person that pays attention to what goes in my body”

“I’m the type of person that embraces change”

Set a timer for 10 minutes. Hit Start. Go!


Use your phone to take a picture of your list. Read it every day. Notice the changes in your decision making. Changes in how you feel. Jot down a few notes at the end of each day. Refine the list as needed.

The Science and Philosophy

Beliefs are powerful. Research on psychology has proven this out. And because they are so powerful, we need to train ourselves on how to observe them, use them, and change them.

Various studies have shown that beliefs can have a tremendous effect on behaviors, and ultimately our success. People who believe they are smarter, do better on tests. People who believe they are given an energy drink (really flavored water) can actually lift more weight — a placebo effect.

Limiting beliefs can affect our behavior and success all the same. If we believe we are not intelligent, we won’t study or take the time to learn a new skill.

Other research has proven that we seek to be consistent. Our minds tend to complete the story we tell ourselves. And, psychologists have discovered more about how the brain works. A technique called priming, often used in sales and marketing, prompts our mind to think or do something without us consciously knowing.

All this combined demonstrates the power of belief. By writing down and reinforcing the type of person we are and want to be, we switch out old beliefs, prime ourselves for better decisions, and enforce consistent action with the story we’re telling ourselves.

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