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I agree with the idea that “nerd culture” hasn’t gotten used to being mainstream, but then again one of the defining themes of that subgroup was being outsiders. The people that rejected them have now taken the very interests that defined nerd culture and gave the outsiders a sense community. Their identity has been hijacked and it’s a bitter pill.

As far as Ghostbusters, I do think the hate has gotten out of hand, but I think the initial backlash was genuine. I really thought the trailer was awful and it turned me off of the movie when I had originally been excited about it. Sometimes movies just suck and that’s the way the world goes. If a trusted friend tells me the movie is worth a shot I’ll give it a watch, but I won’t spend money on something that looks poorly done. I’ve developed my own tastes over the years and I’ve learned to trust my gut on trailers and movies.

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