2016: a year of positivity

I’m often the first to have a negative view on something. Growing up, I had a pretty bad and cynical attitude. (my parents can attest to this) It’s something I still struggle with.

It’s hard to deny that 2015 was a pretty rough year for politics, current events, and many countries in the world. If you’re up to date on the news, it’s probably pretty hard to get too excited about the world around you. I have had to spend a lot less time on Twitter and Facebook just to avoid getting bummed out and taking it out on others.

The world is a dark place, but there is good in it. Anybody who makes stuff can be and make those good things.

I’m not saying live in a bubble blocked off from the world (Inside Out tells us it’s okay to be sad sometimes), but making an effort to be a glass half full person is hard work and takes some self-awareness and time. Here’s what I’m telling myself this year:

Be slower to critique: not everyone wants your point of view. Listen more, talk less. (This is Number #1 for me)

Be thankful. Life is good, enjoy it while it lasts.

Look at failure and embarrassing situations as cool parts of a story you can tell later.

Create more, consume less. Spend time working on yourself and your work before you jump on others. Also, Netflix is mostly a waste of life. (Also, cooking my own meals instead of going out is yielding some great results for me)

Find ways to enjoy where you are. I don’t live in a place I love, but I can make the most of it while I’m here. I’m here for a reason, and sitting around having a bad attitude won’t get me out of here any faster.

Just don’t waste time. Life is short and fragile. Watching movies and gaming all day isn’t a great way to use that life. My mentor, Mark, once told me that “Working is a privilege”, and as long as I have good health and a young body I should probably use it the best I can.

Work hard. If you can embrace work, life gets so much easier.

If you love the internet like I do but keep getting bummed out, start using Snapchat. It’s delightful and fun. You can find me: willmalone365

Originally published at www.willmalone.com on January 4, 2016.

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