April 2nd, 2015, A Day That Will Live On Infamously.

April 2nd, 2015, will be a day that lives on infamously. Comparable to the day when sky net finally became self aware and annexation of the Sue-Dateland. Make no mistake: this Iran deal is a modern day Munich with the coward Obama killing our brave Olympic athletes on the airport tarmac, and his feckless Secretary of State, John Kerry filling the role of Wilt Chamberlain, promising “Peace Now, Peace Tomorrow, and Peace Forever.” Just like in the past, the naive and evil alike cheer on this phony deal, just like they cheered for Hitler to beat Jesse Owens in the 400m in Berlin, 1936. The blind leading the sheep to slaughter.

The words of the great leader William “The Conqueror” Churchull ring in my ears as I write this. “You have asked for meat and pudding, but have not finished the first, and will get neither”

I guess the past does repeat itself, first as farce, the second time as bunch of really funny shit. Well guess what? I’m not laughing, and neither is our closest ally, the State of Isreal, the world’s only democracy.

Does anyone remember we had to fight a war against Iraq because all those inspectors couldn't even find their nuclear program? Why do we think the mullahs will be any different? This deal is so bad and one-sided it makes the one my idiot lawyer cut with my ex-wife for alimony and visitation rights look good by comparison. Any deal that leaves Iran with a working theoretical knowledge of nuclear fission is a bad deal, and one that leaves the whole world in danger. Do you think they will turn back now? No. Too many red-lines have been drawn in the sand and crossed. Arabs understand strength, hate weakness and know more than anyone that a line drawn in the sand will soon be erased by more sand.

This is where we’re at folks: my ex-wife and daughters won’t talk to me and have cut me out of their lives, but Barack Hussein Obama is talking to his friends in Iran and cutting a deal for all our lives. Does that sound fair to you? Cindy, I’m talking to you. I know we've had our differences in the past — funny how you “tolerate” everyone and everything but your first husband — but I’m so concerned about the mullahs that I’m willing to overlook your betrayal of me and our sacred vows and to reach out to you.

I’m considering violating my “restraining order” against contacting you to warn you about the danger this deal poses to my honor. Ten years from now when the survivors roam the irradiated craters that were once our cities, they will only ask themselves how and why we let this happen. I often ask myself “how” and “why” my own children respect Michael — the man you left me for — more than their own dad, the man who raised them, but I’m willing to put that all behind me. I just want Amantha and Jenna to know their father still cares deeply about them and the future of our country before it’s too late.