Down the TV Memory Hole: Liberals Are Erasing Our Television Past to Control Our Future

“Father Knows Nothing, Government Knows Best” is the motto of today’s even Bigger Brothers

In his classic work 1984 George Orwell wrote “He who controls the past controls the future.” When he wrote this, he was writing about a speculative socialist future ruled by propaganda and fear. This totalitarian system described by Orwell functioned with brutal efficiency, enforcing conformity by sending both inconvenient people and historical facts at odds with the current party-line to “Room 101”, a nightmare room with a giant memory hole in the floor, where the offending persons or ideas could be pushed into, never to be seen or heard from again. Science fiction? How about science fact.

Indeed, from the General Lee to the Huxtables, over the past few weeks we have seen our own government attempt to dig a memory hole big enough to fit all of our beloved television history. The mandates from The Party Leaders to TVLand are issued daily: No more Dukes of Hazzard, no more Cosby Show, no more 7th Heaven. Will a child born today know anything of our country’s sitcom heritage? It’s a real question, as our cultural history is being stripped bare in an effort to purge anything deemed “problematic” either because they offend the sensibilities of our contemporary Ministers of WrongStuff or merely because the stars of the show have been been accused of committing a single or many crimes.

In his “Rules for Radicals” Saul Alinsky made it clear that rule #1 is finding a target, something your enemy — in this case the American people — loves dearly and then “freeze it, polarize it, personalize it, and throw it under a bus” by attacking it relentlessly. Once you know these rules, it’s hard not to see them everywhere. This time the target is the classic American Sitcom Dad, because as a model of Dadly virtue they represent a mortal threat to the de-genderized, post-moral society our elites are trying to forge.

Make no mistake this assault on TV Sitcoms is not about “fairness”, “social justice”, “racism”, “decades of ghastly abuse” or any other issue they try to raise, but about control.

Take the The Dukes of Hazzard, the real offense here is not the Confederate flag, but that it portrayed rural southerners in an appealing way and also extolled family virtues while poking fun at government and elites as represented by the police and Boss Hogg. They would never make that show today, instead we have Honey Boo Boo.

Similarly, Bill Cosby must be taken down because he was one this country’s most effective and erudite critics of sagging pants and the people who wear them. I guess if you advocate for personal responsibility in the face of our “anything goes” culture, you’d better make sure your personal life is clean as a whistle or you will be destroyed.

On 7th Heaven, instead of portraying a bumbling doofus who couldn’t tie his shoes without the help of his oh so smart and sarcastic wife, Stephen Collins played a minister, whose faith guided his role as head of his family and community. You can guess what happened to him. Need I even mention how offensive large families are to the UN Agenda 21 “sustainability” model, sorry Duggars.

Soon, even Subway Jared will be written out of history, one of the most successful sandwich spokesmen of all time forgotten forever because he proved that you don’t need government handouts to fight obesity. Just like ISIS is destroying ancient cities and artifacts that they deem idolatrous, the liberal wrecking crew is demolishing America’s antiquity. What’s next? They kill Urkel and his alter ego Stefan Urkelle for their “creepy” behavior towards women or just for daring to claim that family matters at all? No more Fresh Prince, after all why can’t all kids born and raised in West Philadelphia move to a mansion in Bel-Air?

Where does this all end? Don’t stop with the General Lee, how about ban all display of the British Union Jack? After all, Jimmy Savile wore it as a jacket during his many charity events, charity events that raised millions for children I might add. While we’re at it, how about I remove my collection of vintage Sambo-lawn jockeys from in front of my house? It’s what my neighborhood association has long demanded of me, all because they’re “offended.” Why don’t I stop sharing my beliefs on Facebook and social media, my ex-wife Cindy and two beautiful daughters Jennapher and Amantha have “un-friended” me, not even bothering with “Two-Minutes of Hate” over the phone.

Cindy and others like her are demanding that history be rewritten in order to avoid offending her lawyer and other people who make it their life’s work to be offended by me as often as possible. By re-writing our history and the circumstances surrounding our divorce, you are offending me and many others.

At the end of the day history is history and should be shown on television, or else it’s like it never happened at all.

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