This Amazing, Heartwarming Prom-posal Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity.

Cody is a popular high school senior, he is straight. Brad is a less universally liked senior at the same high school, he is gay. Though it would have been unthinkable mere years ago, Cody has struck a blow — literally — against bigotry by making Brad to go to prom with him.

“I only knew Brad as being ‘that gay kid’ from a couple of my classes,” said Cody, making their dream prom together all the more unlikely, “but when I heard that our school was going to allow same-sex couples to go to the prom together I knew that to be elected Prom King, I had to bring a gay as my date.”

Brad had been planning on attending the dance with his boyfriend, an unnamed homosexual student from another town, and initially didn't understand what was happening. Little did he know that he was the unwitting participant in a heart-string pluck for the ages.

When Brad’s homosexual boyfriend became angered by the invite to the big year end celebration and rite of passage, that was when Cody knew it was time to take a stand for equality and drop some serious knowledge on the jealous bigot. “Me and a couple of friends caught him coming out his after- school job and the Safeway and broke his jaw,” said the courageous Cody. “It wasn’t no thing, there were like five of us. It was pretty easy actually,” he continued, casually and humbly refusing accolades for his act of bravery.

With the barrier to tolerance safely removed to a hospital, Cody was ready to end homophobia once and for all, “prom-posing” to Brad by unfurling a homemade sign on the school quad that read, “You’re Gay, I’m Str8, Why Don’t We Date? Because: YOLO! (But 4 Real, No Homo).” The soul-stirring prom-posal quickly went viral on social media, inspiring thousands with it’s message of hope and tolerance.

In addition to his selfless act, Cody emphatically stated that his gay/straight prom alliance was about more than just sex, making it clear to the entire school that no gay sex would be happening between him and Brad on the dance floor or at the after-party. “Brad is not a sex object to me. Thinking of him that way is unthinkable and disgusting to me. He is a living, breathing symbol of how times have changes,” the hero announced, in a true testament to how much better the kids of today are than their peers of a generation ago.

“It’s crazy that this sounds so crazy, but with this small act, we are chipping away at the wall of bigotry and intolerance that surrounds our society and I now feel pretty confident that I’m a shoe-in for Prom King,” said the altruistic-Ally, swelling the hearts of a nation and forever banishing the evil of bullying to but a distant memory.

Though the Prom has yet to commence, the votes yet to be tallied, Cody has shown America how a REAL prom king acts: showing strength but also compassion towards the weakest in his kingdom.

Brad has been crying tears of joy over ever since being made the Prom-King To Be’s date. Thank you Cody.