Marvel is juicing shock value for every ounce they can get. The Secret Empire storyline takes the pro America propaganda character of legend Captain America and turns him into a Hydra agent. Which makes you immediately remember Hydra was part of the Nazis. Now people will try to distinguish that Hydra was a separate organization just utilizing the Nazi infrastructure, but they wore the swastika and weren’t embarked on humanitarian efforts. So the symbol of patriotism and freedom is now one of fascism. Ok.

Next we have Dr. Doom gallivanting as Infamous Iron Man. Now I’ll admit Victor Von Doom is entertaining in this role, but again they have chosen to do a 180 on a character as we know them. Then either purposely or accidentally we have Luke Cage #1 taking a slight run at the shock value award. I must admit this is the best we’ve seen him drawn in the last two years. That said after a decently entertaining issue it ends on an interesting note. The antagonist gets the upper hand on Cage by using a sword Whip. That’s right a whip. I’m guessing it’s made of adamantium because it cut through Cage like butter. So at the end of Luke Cage#1, Cage is laying in a pool of his on blood dying from being whipped. Oh the imagery, we went from a”Get Out” issue to. “Roots”. Irrespective of that I’m still impatiently waiting on issue 2.

Thor, I mean Odinson can’t lift the hammer mjolnir. The Hulk is dead, Logan dead, War Machine dead, Iron Man missing….. we’ll see where Marvel is going and if they can make all these storylines work.