When did the news become opinion based reporting?

Headlines that garner the most traction aren’t based around concrete facts. Instead they rely heavily on opinions bordering on conspiracy theories. Devoid of tangible evidence, factoids are passed as facts and go unchecked in most media outlets.

By carefully crafting stories with inquisitive stances the writer can say pretty much anything. They aren’t stating anything is fact, but inquiring if you believe it. A mundane piece of information is thrown in and then with a great leap of faith they ask you to theorize if a situation is possible.

— President Obama constantly brings up the idea of gun control after frequent mass shootings. With 28 having occurred already this year; I’m sure sadly, he’ll be making this speech some time soon. The notion of gun control to help save lives will immediately enrage large groups of people. Is it because background checks for mentally disabled or gun show loopholes anger them? No it’s because they watch or read news stories that phrase it in a ominous way. *Is the president going to repeal the second amendment? Stock up now the President MAYBE starting a gun grab.

Even recently with a supreme Court spot being open, news outlets are spreading misinformation. Worse than that presidential candidates are spreading misinformation on debate stages, many times going unchecked.

Long story short, news is supposed to supply information. Yet often times today they give you a shred of information, and a pre-packaged opinion and ask you to decide. After layering it with heavy doses of bias. Both liberal and conservative news outlets do this, and should be called out. But thinking for yourself is a painstaking endeavor so I’m sure nothing will change.