Superyacht Crew: How to dock walk Port Hercules, Monaco

This is for anyone new to the Superyacht industry who is looking to dock walk in port hercules and is not too confident or doesn’t know where to start.

So first off I always start off at the top left of the U.

I’ll then walk to the very end of the first pier before approaching any boats this way I can have a look around and get a feel for how many people are about. (If there’s nobody on deck you can’t hand out your cv)

Once you’re at the end start with the very first boat, even if it’s not a boat that you are keen to work for it’s good to get used to having a quick chat with the crew.

Always approach the passerelle but never walk onto the boat unless invited by a member of crew

So from here approach every single boat asking if they need any dayworkers or whatever work you want to do.

There are normally 3 categories of responses that you could get.

  1. Sorry were fully crewed and don’t need you (which means there’s no need to hand out your cv).
  2. We’re fully crewed but might need a hand in the next couple of days/weeks (in which case definitely give them your CV.
  3. We actually are looking for workers in which case try to have more of a distinctive chat to get a feel for what they want and see if you can bring value to them there and then)

Work your way along this pier and then follow the boats round to the next pier doing the same thing.

Now work your way along the road this section has a few of the bigger boats but then as you get closer to the bottom of the U the boats get smaller and smaller so you don’t need to both with those ones as they are unlikely to even have crew.

Once you get to the very bottom of the U there is a pier that comes out from the middle and goes into the marina basically a T bar. At the end of this T bar is where you’ll get the chance again to hand out some CVs as there are a few big boats there (>30m).

Work your way along the T bar until you get to the end. Come out of the T bar and keep walking round the U all these boats at this point will be smaller so walk past these and head to the right side of the U and you’ll find some 40–60m so give those boats a try.

Then once you’ve completed all those boats if you are interested in the very biggest 60m+ these will be at the far top right and you’ll have access to a couple of absolutely huge boats. I personally was never interested in these boats but it’s worth a try if they are looking for workers. (Bigger boat means more crew which could mean more chance of a job but don’t quote me because I’ve never tried for these boats)

Then your done for that port! It should take no longer than 1 hour and can usually be done in 30 mins. Now onto your next port and your away. If it’s your first time dock walking, just the process of walking around the port will be eye opening to the industry as well as giving you experience on how to dock walk and each time you do it you’ll be more confident and more efficient so you can get as many CVs handed out as possible.

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