I’m bored. Bored of how desperate, outdated and increasingly irrelevant our industry has become. Bored of entitlement being prioritised over diversity. Bored of cultural illiteracy. I’ve been bored of mediocre Justins, Tims and Andys for a long time. I’m bored of the dire levels of representation in your teams. I’m bored of how that insufficiency is reflected in your work. I’m bored of your pointed and passive racism, sexism and misogyny. I’m bored that you prioritise recruiting in your own image. I’m bored of your fear of being confronted with something that you don’t understand. Bored of people and brands co-opting a narrative of inclusion when their understanding of the nuanced issues at hand are basic at best. I’m bored of your “unintended offence”. I’m bored that you “deeply regret the offence that it caused”. I’m bored that your salary means that you can afford to be bored. I’m bored of trying to speak your language. And I’m especially bored of this relentless inability to relinquish control that is endlessly holding young, diverse talent back whilst creativity and culture slowly suffers.

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