Cultivating Inner Strength

I’ve been thinking a lot about INNER STRENGTH lately, and how much our lives — let alone stepping up as bold leaders in our careers, creative endeavors, and businesses — require us to muster up inner strength on the daily.

Can you relate?

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I recorded a video recently, where I talk about how often we may feel CONFIDENT in one area of our lives, yet find ourselves feeling DAUNTED, SCARED or STUCK when facing other personal/professional growth areas that are ripe for improvement.

Here’s where it’s posted on Facebook, if you want to share.
Or, if you’re not on the ‘book, you can watch it on YouTube.

And, maaaan, don’t I know it… I love saying yes, and helping people! However, the bummer side effect of our Yessitude is that we get spread too thin, and often our clients, our progress, our mental health/sanity, and our relationships suffer as a result.

So, I recorded a video on that topic, too — all about the importance of consciously choosing your next focus point for your business so that you can continue to experience your creative flow, without losing sight of your overarching goals.

You can find this one on FB, too (and maybe even share it!),
or I’ve posted this one on my [fancy, redesigned] website.

What’s feeling tough for you?

Even as a total badass in so many areas of your life, are you noticing a learning edge that is nudging you to the next level of your badassery?

Let me know in the comments below, or send me an email: hello at willolovesyou dot com. I’d love to hear about it.

Also, please know, there is no shame in feeling overwhelmed or challenged! In fact, what I’ve learned to trust is that if you don’t find yourself up against a learning edge at least a couple times a year, you’re not really growing. Our challenges are what help us grow our inner strength muscle!

Again, I’d love to hear from you in the comments, or pop me an email. Until then, stay strong, my friend. You got this.

This is an excerpt from a love letter I sent to my heart-centered tribe of visionary entrepreneurs and conscious creators who are boldly following their hearts, to find joy and freedom doing what they love.

Is that you, too? If so, you may enjoy my Heart-Centered Action Formula (free offering on my site that includes a short workbook + video guidance).

I’m currently welcoming a few more small business owners into my Small Group Coaching Mastermind. So, if you’re a service-based, creative... let’s talk!

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Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Coach & Consultant for Badass Activators & Conscious Creators: + Co-founder @YxYY

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